Creative Writing Workshop: Poetics
(Creative Writing Workshop: Poetics)

From hip-hop and slam, to 19th-century romanticism, to the classical sonnets of Shakespeare, this is a class for people who read poetry, and want to know more about it, want to write it, or for people don’t like poetry because they don’t get it.   This class will expose you to a lot of different writers you may not know, and give you the opportunity to write about your world, your vision-- in workshop setting.  If you’ve read poetry before and hated it, as many have, you’ve read the wrong poetry or had a bad teacher.  Poetry & song, or human expression in condensed language has so many gifts to offer the reader willing to understand it.  We’ll look at a whole variety of poems throughout history to see how the human ability to create verbal expression has changed over time.  From Homer’s Odyssey to lyrics from the Sex Pistols and Jay-Z, this class will look at the magic power of words… how they work, what they are… and how to make them come alive.