Creative writing, reading and modern Communications
(Creative writing, reading and modern Communications)

       Adapted from the Bali SERF Academy program, this 14 day workshop was designed specifically for the Bali Green School by Matt George, Editor-in Chief of Surftime Magazine. In order to give voice to a student’s inner mind and unlock communication potentials through actual published creative writing and the students development of a “communications toolkit”, a personal  portfolio of developed skills that will resonate far beyond High school graduation. The individual will also learn the practical templates for successful interpersonal communication and professional publication. Public speaking skills will also be advanced during this course. This workshop features an assignment driven curriculum that will work in conjunction with Surftime Magazine, featuring actual student stories both online and in print. Students will also witness the practical business workings of Magazine publication and advertising in the offices of Surftime Magazine. At course’s end, Students will have produced a writing portfolio and a full-length magazine article featuring their writing,  photography and art.  This course seeks to help the student discover  who they are, what they are, how they feel, what they believe, what they have achieved, what they are capable of and where they are going. It is, above all, beneficial to an individual’s future. Taught are the skills of articulation that will last a lifetime within both professional and personal spheres. An opportunity to learn the value of clear and creative communication within oneself and the world around us all.