• Only a few months to go now! We have a lot of work to do so that we can get the most out of our experience in Palangkaraya. Students will learn about the activist work that Shinta has been tirelessly doing over the last few years. She will teach us a lot when we are there, but we also want to support her agenda. Continuing the work that GSGG has done at COP22, we will continue to capture the stories of people impacted by climate change. Our goal is to collaborate these stories and bring them with us to COP23 in Germany.  Students will learn about the ecology of a peatland forest in preparation for our visit to the Borneo Nature Foundation research center in the Sabangau Forest. While in the forest, students will have the opportunity to focus a portion of their time on an area of their interest. Lastly, we will visit Ransel Buku, a library for a secluded village on the water. We will bring the children books and spend a day reading and playing with the local children. Our goal will be to raise money and help support this amazing program.


  • We will collaborate with Earth Watch and Bye Bye Plastic Bags to be a part of Earth Watch’s program to monitors ocean debris in conjunction with AMCORP, one of the world's largest packaging producers. The intention is to identify the most common ocean debris (can you say PLASTIC BAGS!) and find solutions to reduce ocean debris.

    We will target Perananan beach to do a weekly clean up - identify the debris - enter it into a data-base and use it to lobby producers to find solutions to the overwhelming amount of debris in our oceans. This data can also be used for the BBPB campaign to ban plastic bags on Bali and around the world.

  • Our mission is not yet complete. The climate of our Earth is changing at an ever-rapid pace. Our current civilization cannot sustain the implications of such a warmer climate. So what can we do about it? We’ve learned the science. We’ve learned about the failure of our world leaders to act. We’ve learned about the social, economic, political, and psychological reasons why we are not acting quickly enough to prevent catastrophe. And we’ve also learned that it IS UP TO US!  Our group continues to be a part of this movement as we work to prepare for our trip to Marrakech to attend the COP22 and the COY12. This is our school. This is our world. This is OUR RESPONSIBILITY.